Postman - Environment Setup

Postman can be installed in operating systems like Mac, Windows and Linux. It is basically an independent application which can be installed in the following ways −

  • Postman can be installed from the Chrome Extension (will be available only in Chrome browser).

  • It can be installed as a standalone application.

Standalone Application

To download Postman as a standalone application in Windows, navigate to the following link

Then, click on Download the App button. As per the configuration of the operating system, select either the Windows 32-bit or Windows 64-bit option.

Postman App

The pop−up to save the executable file gets opened. Click on Save File.

Executable File

As the download is completed successfully, the executable file gets generated.

Executable File1

Double-click on it for installation.


After installation, the Postman landing screen opens. Also, we have to sign up here. There are two options to create a Postman account, which are as follows −

  • Click on the Create free account.
  • Use the Google Account.
Postman account

Proceed with the steps of account creation and enter relevant details like name, role, and so on.

Account Creation

Finally, we shall land to the Start screen of Postman. The following screen will appear on your computer −

Start screen

Chrome Extension

To download Postman as a Chrome browser extension, launch the below link in Chrome −

Then, click on Add to Chrome.

Chrome Extension

A pop-up gets displayed, click on the Add app button.

Add App button

Chrome Apps page gets launched, along with the Postman icon. Next, we have to click on the Postman icon.

Postman icon1

Installation of Postman kicks off.

Space Time

Once the installation is completed, the Postman registration page is opened. We can either proceed with the registration as explained previously (while installing Postman as a standalone application) or skip it by clicking on the link Take me straight to the app.

We can create an account later.


Registration is an important step as it enables access to user data from other machines. Next, the Postman welcome page opens up.

Enables Access

Once we close the pop-up and move to the following page, we get the message - Chrome apps are being deprecated.

Chrome apps

It is always recommended to install Postman as a standalone application rather than a Chrome extension.

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