Postman - Parameterize Requests

We can parameterize Postman requests to execute the same request with various sets of data. This is done with the help of variables along with parameters. A parameter is a part of the URL used to pass more information to the server.

The data can be used in the form of a data file or an Environment variable. Parameterization is an important feature of Postman and helps to eliminate redundant tests. Parameters are enclosed in double curly braces {{parameter}}.


Let us take an example of an URL − We shall create a variable as url then use it for parameterization of request. We can refer to it in the format {{url}} in Postman.

A parameter is in the form of a key-value pair. So to point to the URL:, we can mention it as {{url}}/index.htm. So here, the url is the key and the value set is

Create a Parameter Request

Follow the steps given below to create a parameter request in Postman −

Step 1 − Click on the eye icon to the right of the Environment dropdown in the top right corner in the Postman application.

Parameter Request

Step 2 − Click on the Edit link in the Globals section.

Parameter Request1

Step 3MANAGE ENVIRONMENTS pop-up comes up. Enter URL for the VARIABLE field and for INITIAL VALUE. Then, click on Save.


Step 4 − Click on close to move to the next screen.

Step 5 − In the Http Request tab, enter {{url}}/index.htm in the address bar. Select the GET method and click on Send.

Get method


Once a request has been sent, we can see the response code 200 OK populated in the Response. This signifies a successful request and a correct endpoint.

Get method1
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