Population of Rajasthan$=570\ lakhs$ and population of UP $=1660\ lakhs$. Area of Rajasthan$=3\ lakh\ km^2$ and area of UP$=2\ lakh\ km^2$.
$(i)$. How many people are there per $km^2$ in both these States?
$(ii)$. Which State is less populated?

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The population of Rajasthan is 570 lakh and the population of UP is 160 lakh

The area of Rajasthan is 3lakh km sq and the area of Up is 2lakh km sq

To do:

i) How many people are there per km sq in both these states?

ii) Which state is less populated?



Population of Rajasthan = 570 lakhs

Area of Rajasthan = 3 lakh sq km

People per sq km in Rajasthan = $\frac{570}{3}$ = 190 per sq km

Population of UP = 1660 lakhs

Area of UP = 2 lakh sq km

People per sq km in UP = $\frac{1660}{2}$ = 830 per sq km


Since the population of Rajasthan is less and its population density per sq km

is less, it is the less populated of the two states. 

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