Polymer - Iron Elements

The iron elements are used to create an application and are also called as core elements, when matched with the "Developer Preview" version.

The following table lists different types of iron elements −

Sr.No. Type & Description
1 iron-a11y-keys

These elements are used to process keyboard commands by using cross-browser interface.

2 iron-ajax

The iron-ajax elements are useful in making the ajax calls.

3 iron-collapse

The iron-collapse elements are used to collapse a content. To show or hide the content use opened or toggle().

4 iron-image

These elements are used for displaying a single image.

5 iron-dropdown

These are low-level elements used to reveal the hidden dropdown content.

6 iron-flex-layout

These elements are useful to provide CSS flexible box layout.

7 iron-form

The iron-form element is an HTML element used to validate and submit any custom elements.

8 iron-icon

These elements are used to display a single icon.

9 iron-swipeable-container

It is a container that allows swapping of its nested children, i.e. native or custom elements.

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