Polymer - Elements

Polymer elements are a set of visual and non-visual elements designed to work with the layout, user interaction, selection, and scaffolding applications. These include everything from a simple button to a dialog box with neat visual effects. The following table shows different types of polymer elements.

Sr.No. Types & Description
1 app elements

The app elements are useful when building entire applications.

2 iron elements

These are the basic building blocks for creating an application.

3 paper elements

The paper elements are a set of UI components designed to implement Google's material design guidelines.

4 google Web components

The google Web component are a stock of web components for Google APIs & services.

5 gold elements

The gold elements are built for e-commerce-specific use cases.

6 neon elements

It is used for implementing animated transitions for Polymer elements using web animations.

7 platinum elements

The platinum elements provide features to turn your web page into a true webapp.

8 molecules elements

The molecule element helps to develop an application easily and is used to connect a group of plugins to the Polymer application.