Polymer - Iron Collapse

The <iron-collapse> elements are used to collapse a content. To show or hide the content, use opened or toggle().

The max-height/max-width of the collapsible element is automatically adjusted by the iron-collapse element.

The custom properties and mixins to be used for styling is as follows −

  • --iron-collapse-transition-duration − It is the duration of the animation transition. The default value is 300ms.


To implement iron-collapse element, navigate to your project folder in the command prompt and use the following commands −

bower install PolymerElements/iron-collapse --save
bower install PolymerElements/paper-toggle-button --save

The above command installs both the elements in bower_components folder. Then you have to import both the files in your index.html file as shown below −

<link rel = "import" href = "iron-collapse/iron-collapse.html">
<link rel = "import" href = "paper-toggle-button/paper-toggle-button.html">

The following example demonstrates the use of iron-collapse element −

<!DOCTYPE html>
      <base href = "http://polygit.org/polymer+:master/components/">
      <link rel = "import" href = "polymer/polymer.html">
      <link rel = "import" href = "paper-toggle-button/paper-toggle-button.html">
      <link rel = "import" href = "iron-collapse/iron-collapse.html">

         #coll {
            display: flex;
            width: 500px;
            border: 2px solid LightGrey;
            width: 50%;

      <h3>Iron Collapse Example</h3>
      <dom-module id = "demo-collapse">
            <paper-toggle-button checked = "{{opened}}">Collapse this</paper-toggle-button>
            <iron-collapse opened = "[[opened]]">
               <div><p>This is polymerjs iron-collapse.</p></div>

         Polymer ({
            is: 'demo-collapse',

      <div id = "coll">


To run the application, navigate to your project directory and run with the following command −

polymer serve

Now open the browser and navigate to Following will be the output.

Iron Collapse

When you click the toggle button, following will be the output.

Iron Collapse
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