Polymer - Overview

Polymer.js is a JavaScript library created by Google that allows reusing the HTML elements for building applications with components.

Polymer is an open-source JavaScript library developed by Google developers and was initially released on May 27, 2015. The stable release is 1.7.0 and it was released on September 29, 2016.

Why Use Polymer.js?

  • It allows to create our own custom elements easily using the HTML, CSS, and JavaScript for adding interactions to the element.

  • It is created by Google that provides cross-browser compatible applications along with the web components.

  • It provides both one-way and two-way data binding.

  • It provides Polymer command line interface for managing the projects from simple components to complicated web applications.

Features of Polymer.js

  • It is a JavaScript library built on top of the web standards APIs that allow building custom HTML elements.

  • It provides the polyfills (web component specifications) for creating our own customized and reusable elements.

  • It uses the web component standards for the creation of reusable widgets in web documents and web applications.

  • It uses Google material design for the development of hybrid mobile application.

  • It distributes the custom elements across the network and the users can use these elements with the help of HTML Imports.

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