Polymer - Paper Elements

The paper elements are useful UI components for implementing Google's material design guidelines. The following table shows different types of paper elements.

Sr.No. Types & Description
1 paper-badge

paper-badge is a material design which signifies the status for elements.

2 paper-button

paper-button is a button.

3 paper-card

paper-card is a designed piece of paper with unique related data

4 paper-checkbox

paper-checkbox is a material design checkbox.

5 paper-drawer-panel

paper-drawer-panel is a two-section responsive panel.

6 paper-dropdown-menu

paper-dropdown-menu is a browser select element.

7 paper-fab

paper-fab is a floating action button.

8 paper-icon-button

paper-icon-button is a material design icon-button.

9 paper-input

paper-input is used for text-field.

10 paper-listbox

paper-listbox implements an accessible listbox control with Material Design styling.

11 paper-material

It looks like a lifted piece of paper.

12 paper-menu

It is design menu.

13 paper-progress

It works as the progress bar.

14 paper-radio-button

It works as a radio-button.

15 paper-ripple

Adds a Material Design ripple effect to UI elements.

16 paper-slider

It works as a design slider.

17 paper-spinner

Material Design circular activity indicator.

18 paper-tabs

It works as tabs.

19 paper-toast

A Material Design popup toast.

20 paper-toggle-button

It works as a toggle-button.

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