Polymer - Google Web Components

Google-web-components is a collection of web components built for APIs and services.

The following table shows different types of google web components.

Sr.No. Type & Description
1 google-analytics-query

This element is used to query google analytics.

2 google-client-loader

This element is used to load a particular client google API.

3 google-chart

It is an element containing google charts used for visualizing data.

4 google-hangout-button

This element is used to start a google hangout using a button.

5 google-map

This element is used to display a google map.

6 google-signin

The google-signin is an element used for google authentication.

7 google-streetview-pano

This element is used to create a google street view panorama.

8 google-youtube

This is an element containing a youtube video player.