Pinterest Marketing - Promoted Pins

So rightly said, a business can satisfy the requirement of specific customers. With the vast spread of information, any business present on the Internet is known all around the world, even to the people who do not require it. It is a tricky challenge to recognize the potential customers of your business and reach out to them.

To enable targeting the specific groups of customers, Pinterest helps the businesses with analytics tool. This chapter unfolds some useful information about building a Pinterest campaign and customer base for the business.

What are Promoted Pins?

Pinterest allows promotion for pins which is called “Promoted Pin”. If you brand or product is new and its Pinterest profile has a small audience then you can go for Pinterest promotion. The best perk of promoting a pin on Pinterest is once you promote a pin, it will always be on that list.

Tips for Promoting Pins on Pinterest

Some of the very best tips for Promoted pins are given below −

  • Targeting Specific Audience − The first key aspects of promotion is targeting audience. So target wisely, not widely. If you target a wide audience then you may get more clicks but that will increase your cost of promotion. On the other hand, your pin can lose relevance. But if you target a specific audience mainly relevant to your product, it will boost the result as well as reduce the cost.

  • Selecting Right Keywords − After you have identified the actual audience you need to optimize the keywords and phrases. While choosing the keywords, you must consider nearby miss-spelt words, a combination of words, and order of words in the phrase that can affect the visibility. It is also helpful to sort the audience by gender, location, language, and choice of device to put your pin in front of the right eyes.

  • Selecting Quality Pin − Use high quality images to produce quality return. When selecting a pin for promotion, make sure that the design of the pin is flawless and the pin is attractive on the marks of appeal, and clarity and correctness of information it contains. A high-quality pins stand out from others and drives the viewers’ decision to explore the subject further.

  • Driving Call to Action − Make sure to mention promotional information such as “SALE!” and “Limited Time Offer!”. Call to Action (CTA) makes the pins more relevant; as the viewers find them useful and there are better chances of driving then to become customers.

  • Keeping Track of Analytics − After setting up the advertisement, you need to keep the track of your analytics. It helps you to figure out whether your promotion is working the way it should or not. If your campaign is not going well then research the reason and weed it out. Look through every aspect while debugging your strategy with audience, keywords, and pin design.