Pinterest Marketing - Interface

In this chapter, we will discuss some common features of Pinterest interface.

Home Feeds

After signing up, Pinterest takes you to your home feed. At the time of each subsequent login, Pinterest will first take you to your home feed. Pinterest updates the home feed with the category you chose or the users you follow.

On the upper right corner, the button with your name is the link to your profile. The little button beside your profile name is for notifications. It will show you notifications associated with your profile.

Profile Interface

Pinterest profile interface is very eye-catchy and simple. In profile interface, there is a Home feed button, a search box, category button, notification button, and the link to your boards. You can also see the number of your boards, pins, likes, followers, and the people you are following.

  • Home − Home button takes you to your home feed where you can see the updates of whom you are following.

  • Search Box − You can search pins or images on Pinterest using this search bar. You can search your topics and see what other people are sharing about the topics of your interest.

  • Category − On right side of search box there is a drop down menu of all the categories listed on Pinterest.

Pinterest Category
  • Board − Pinterest board is the categorization of your pinned image. You can create board and save pins to the board, much like of album. You can create as many board as you want.

Pinterest Board
  • Notification − Notification button informs you of all the updates associated with your profile such as news, about your Profile, pins, images, and messages. By using message option you can contact other Pinterest user.

Pinterest Board

Changing a Pinterest Profile

Here are various ways with which you can change your Pinterest profile −

Editing Pinterest Profile

If you need to edit your profile name, image or anything else about your profile description, follow the steps given −

  • Click on the “Edit Profile” button located at the top right corner.
  • It opens up a form.
  • Change the fields you want to.
  • Click on “Save” button to save the information.
Pinterest Save

Pinterest Edit Profile

Updating Pinterest Profile Setting

A good profile have a proper name, relevant profile image and a great description. For updating your profile, same steps are followed as in editing the Pinterest Profile.

Editing Your Account Privacy Settings

The gear button on the right side of ‘’Edit Profile’’ button is a dropdown menu with options as given −

  • Edit settings − to edit account basics.

  • Find friends − to find more ideas on Pinterest and add friends.

  • Analytics − to avail analytics for your information.

  • Make a Widgets − To make pin, profile, or board widget.

  • Get Help − to receive help from Pinterest’s help center or another Pinterest expert.

  • Log Out − to log out from your account.

If you have a personal account then you will not see the analytics and widget options on Edit Profile drop down menu.

Edit Settings

It has various sections on the form. They are as follows −

  • Account Basics − It enables to set details such as Email, password, language, country, gender, and search history and search privacy settings.

  • Profile − This section is offer the same options of “Edit Profile” Button.

  • Notifications − Notifications settings is about how you want to be notified. Here you find a couple of options, just choose your preferred options.

  • Apps − Apps settings are for different third party apps like Tailwind, Buffer, Hootsuite, etc.