Pinterest Marketing - Pinnable Images

You can pin images from Instagram, cross social networks, picture sharing websites, from your PC, or from outside of any website. The minimum size of image for uploading on Pinterest needs to be 600 pixels wide. The height of the image is adjusted accordingly.

Infographics and Instructographics as images for pinning are a great way to catch visitors’ eyes. They provide a lot of information clearly and easily. They can also help to generate viewers’ interest to explore the pin further. They compel the viewers to take further action or drive the traffic to your website. Infographics and Instructographics images are often very useful for DIY bloggers, affiliate marketers, and businesses.

Best Practices for Pinnable Image

The image to be pinned must be −

  • Vertically oriented.
  • At least 600 pixels wide, 736 pixels is optimal.
  • With the aspect ratio of 2:3 or 1:3.5.
  • Up to three separate images in a mosaic if it is an Instructographics.
  • With overlaid text on the image.
  • Rich with descriptive alt text.

Tips for Making a Pinnable Image

Here are a few helpful tips for making a pinnable image −

  • Make sure each page or post has a relevant image that conveys the title or topic of the page.

  • Add text that would help to convey the topic of the article being pinned. You can use PicMonkey to quickly add text to images.

  • If you have a YouTube channel, embed your top viewed videos into blog posts. If Pinterest users pin your videos, it creates a link to that YouTube video. This doesn’t drive traffic to your website, but it does increase views for that video.

  • Infographics can enable your pin to stand apart from the crowd.

  • Help Pinterest users trust your website by verifying it with Pinterest.

Pinning an Image

There are many ways you can pin an image as given −

Pinning an Image from Pinterest

Here are the steps to pin an image from Pinterest −

  • Enter into any board.

  • Click on “Add a pin”.

  • A box appears with the options of Web or Your device.

  • Click on “From web”.

  • Enter a URL.

  • Pinterest then collects the image from that page for pinning. It works like “Pin It” browser button.

Pinning an Image

Pinning an Image from a Device

Here are the steps to pin an image from Pinterest −

  • Select an image from your device.

  • Upload the image.

  • Assign a relevant description to the image.

  • Pin it to the relevant board.

  • Click on the pinned image.

  • It will be opened in a new tab.

  • The image is hosted on Pinterest.

  • To redirect your audience to the website without opening the image in new tab, you need to edit the pin and enter the URL.

Pin Description

The description of a pin is one of the most important attribute of pin. A clear, easy, yet crisp description can help pins get more exposure as it helps them to be searched. It also helps in SEO.

Here are the tips to write better descriptions which can maximize your pin exposure −

  • Provide a piece of context about the Pin. For example, why did you pin the image, or what idea does the image represent.

  • Be clear and specific.

  • Decide proper tone and words depending upon the subject.

  • Try to write the description a little longer. It helps the pin to appear on search results.

  • Give a link to your website, which helps the users to find your website’s home page easily.

  • Include a call to action if you are offering a product or to visit to your website.

  • Use a set of keywords that describe the pin most effectively.

  • Use proper hashtags, to be appeared on hashtag search.

  • Use description etiquette, irrespective of the type of pin and whom or where the pin belongs to.

Pinning Frequency

Pinterest’s Smart Feed personalizes what you see in your account. You can pin anytime without overwhelming your audience. So most marketing experts agree that spreading the pins throughout the day is a handy thing to do. Varying your timing exposes you to different segments of the Pinterest population and can lead to more repins and followers. So the best practices for Pinterest pin frequency is 5-30 pins per day.

On the other hand, the best time to post on Pinterest is when your audience is most expected to see it. This is unique to you and your business, no matter what you need to experiment. Be mindful of holiday seasons and long weekends for the most obvious reasons as pinners are mostly likely busy preparing and celebrating so not a whole lot of pinners will be active on Pinterest.