Generate Customer Loyalty

When a business cares its customers for more than catering for their satisfaction, they develop a trust in the business. Once the trust is built in the customers’ minds about the excellent quality of the products or services a business provides, the customers tends to remain loyal to the business when it comes to availing its services and products. And one loyal customer is worth nearly thousand new customers.

Let us see how you can generate loyalty of customers for business with Pinterest −

Why does Customer Loyalty Matter?

Customer loyalty is extremely important because selling more to existing customers is easier and inexpensive than finding and selling to new ones. Loyal customers tend to buy more stuff, more regularly. They tend to frequently recommend your business to others. Pinterest is the best social media platforms for generating loyalty from your customer.

Here is a collection of top tips on how to build and maintain customer loyalty on Pinterest −

  • Make the customer care a key part of your business strategy. On Pinterest you can contact with the customer directly by messaging system. It allows business owner to engage with customers personally and with their convenience. For example, if anyone needs to inquire about your product or business, then they can contact you via email, your website’s customer care, or on Pinterest. So, visit your business profile frequently and do not forget to check customer feedback and inquiries.

  • Research your customers via analytics system of Pinterest. Make the best use of the tool to analyze your customers and their requirements. This helps to keep up with the pace of the market competition. You can analyze your customer metrics weekly or monthly and make your products more customer friendly and appealing.

  • Educate your customers on your business. As you have the tools and technologies available at your fingertips, you can communicate with your customers properly. You can use the tools such as blogging, videos, Emails, chats, and other technologies to explain about your business. This can also help to drive them to appreciate what you do, and how you do it better than any other similar business. For example, you can make infographics of your products and share on your Pinterest profile.

  • Share your customers’ brilliant ideas with others. If the customers come up with amazing articles or creations using your product, then appreciate them in your profile. It will encourage them to engage with you in future. On Pinterest you can make a group board to share customer ideas on your profile. It also creates an opportunity for the customers to communicate to other customer.

  • Entertain the customers by organizing a contest or creating an event. You can also entertain the customer by posting funny pics or news which can expose your business profile more.

  • Reward your customers. This helps to present your brand as a generous one that takes care of its customers.

Pin Alerts

Pin Alerts is a third party web app for Pinterest users. It has features which help you to optimize your pin and profile for better branding. Here are some features you might want to know about Pin Alerts −

  • It notifies you when someone pins something that is from your website.
  • It enables you to broadcast the number of repins shortly after you post them.
  • It alerts you about the name of the repinners.
  • It enables you to optimize the time of your pin schedule.
  • It helps you to measure the metrics.