Pinterest Marketing - Planning a Campaign

Campaign means for the customers of a business. It is created to draw the customers’ attention to the products and services a business provides and to promote the business in the market. Having all graphic design tools at the fingertips, the businesses need to plan a campaign properly to make it effective. An effective campaign targets right customer at right time in a right manner.

Let us see more about planning a Pinterest campaign.

Pinterest − Campaign Planning

The planning of a Pinterest campaign highly depends on your niche, viewers’ demographics, age, interests, and so on. Hence for planning a campaign on Pinterest, you need to be aware of certain important details about your business and customers beforehand. Few of these details can be as follows −

  • What is your product?
  • Who are your customers, their age, trends, and demographics?
  • What is your target within a certain period of time?
  • What is your budget for campaign?

Try to figure out as accurate answers as possible to these questions.

For example, you are in a boutique house business, then the answers would be −

Product − Dresses for women.

Demographics of Customer − Now narrowing down your customer groups with aspects such as age of the customer. What age group is your product meant for? What types of design you do for dresses? Is this only for middle-aged women, pregnant women, girl children, or for women of all ages? If the answer is “for all ages”, then make Pinterest board segmented by age and trends. For better targeting, you should make target-specific board.

Customer Research

Customers Research − If you are setting up a business account then must have to research the customers, their trends and demand. It helps to plan the business campaign on Pinterest and boost the sale.

The first step of customer research is identifying your customers. This research helps you to understand your potential customers.

Customer research also helps to understand what you should pin. If your business account has vast audience then you have to track them whether they are buying or just following you. Tracking the customer helps to campaign the loyalty program thereby increasing customer experience. On the other hand, those who are only interested in following you and not purchasing, you can take different campaign for encouraging them to purchase.

Customer research also highlights the key characteristics of your customers, such as −

  • Gender
  • Age
  • Device of Customer’s interest?
  • What are they engaged in on the Pinterest?
  • How often they are engaging?
  • How long they are on your site?
  • What is customer demographics?

It is advised to conduct customer research regularly within a certain period of time. It helps you develop a detailed picture of the buying behavior of your audience and understand how to target them in a better manner.

Customer Segmentation

Customer Segmentation After researching the customer, you need to segment them into categories. Imagine you have a great audiences with multiple demographics for multiple reasons. It is also like segmenting by psychology of age, gender, and demographics.

For example, fashion trends followed by people in USA are not same as the trends followed by Brazilian people. Similarly, you cannot sale the same age-specific product to a teenage girl as well as to a 60 year old woman. The fashion trends are different for people of different ages, genders, demographics, and psychology.

With the understanding of customer segmentation, it is possible to sketch and execute an appropriate plan for campaigning.

On Pinterest, you can entertain dozens of different demographics by creating pinboards targeted to each of them. You can categorize the boards with your customer’s age, gender, and demographics. It also helps you for further customer research.

Following other Pinners

Following the other pinners on Pinterest helps you to connect with them and you can see their pins of home feed. You can also keep track of what the other pinners are sharing on Pinterest. It also helps to gain new viewers or customers.

It is necessary to keep up with the on-going trends on any other social media websites, more if you are on business account. It is a good practice for engaging more number of people. On the other hand, following other pinners can generate you loyalty. They can share your pin and their audience with you.

Tips on Following Right Pinners

You must consider these tips while following the other pinners −

  • Follow the pinners of your niche.

  • Follow the pinners those have quality content and are keeping up to date.

  • Follow pinners having real identity for themselves.

  • Pinterest limits following to 200 people in an hour. If you exceed this limit, Pinterest blocks you for an hour.

  • Do not follow too many pinners.