Pinterest Marketing - Promote Your Pins

In order to promote your pins on Pinterest, you need to join the waitlist.

Step 1 − Visit the site − Click on “Join wait list”.

Step 2 − You are redirected to this page −

Step 3 − Enter the necessary information. Wait for Pinterest verification.

Step 4 − After you receive permission for promotion, go to your Pinterest profile.

Pinterest Profile

Step 5 − Click on “Settings” button next to the “Edit Profile” button. See the promoted pins in the drop-down menu.

Drop-down Menu

Step 6 − Click on “Promote” button. Pinterest offers you two choices −

  • Boost Engagement
  • Get Traffic

Step 7 − Choose "Get Traffic to Your Website" to get maximum benefit from your promoted pin ad campaign.

Traffic Your Website

Step 8 − Select the option “Create a new traffic campaign” from the dropdown menu.

New Traffic Campaign

Step 9 − Enter a name for your campaign. Decide on what date or dates you want your promoted pin to be seen.

Your Campaign Goal

Step 10 − Enter your budget. Click on “Pick a Pin”. The next step is to use keywords to inform Pinterest where you would like it to be seen.

Pick a Pin

Step 11 − Determine the Cost Per Click.

Cost Per Click

Step 12 − Review the campaign results.

Campaign Results