Why does the increased level of nutrients in the water affect the survival of aquatic organisms?

Some ponds or lakes have a lot of green algae growing in them. This is caused due to the excessive quantity of chemicals which are washed from the fields. These chemicals act as nutrients for these algae to grow. When these algae die, they act as a nutrient for decomposers like bacteria. As a result of this process, a lot of oxygen in the water gets used up causing a  decrease of oxygen level. This affects the survival of aquatic plants which can also kill them.

[Extra information:  Eutrophication is the process by which a water body like ponds or lakes, becomes progressively enriched with minerals and nutrients, particularly nitrogen and phosphorus.  The adverse effects of eutrophication on the aquatic bodies includes a decrease in biodiversity and an increase in toxicity of the water body. The water body loses its transparency and develops a bad smell and colour. The treatment of this water becomes very difficult.]


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Updated on: 16-Mar-2023


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