Does the thickness of the wire affect the strength of the electromagnet?

An electromagnet is a temporary magnet which works when current is passed through it. It works on the magnetic effect of current. It consists of a long coil of insulated copper wire wrapped around a soft iron core that gets magnetised by induction and thus acts as a magnet till the current flows. 

The strength of an electromagnet can be affected by various factors such as no. of coils, the specific resistance of the wire used to coil the core, the thickness of the wire, etc.

Thus, it is true that the thickness of the wire affects the strength of the electromagnet. 

The strength of the magnet will increase with the increase in the thickness of the wire too because per unit area, more electrons will pass through a thicker wire. Passing of more electrons or current through the thick wire means the electric current in the thicker wire is greater, due to which a larger magnetic field will be produced.


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Updated on: 10-Oct-2022

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