Why do farmers grow many fruits and vegetable crops inside large greenhouses? What are the advantages to the farmers?

Greenhouses are large glasshouses that are used to trap sunlight, to manipulate the indoor house's temperature. Farmers are preferring to grow fruits and vegetables inside greenhouses because this method provides easy harvesting to farmers under extremely changing weather conditions. 

Advantages of carrying out harvesting in greenhouses are:

(i) Fewer disturbances to crops under unpredictable weather conditions.

(ii) Increase in annual productivity in controlled temperature conditions.

(iii) Crops and vegetables cultivated using this method are enriched with nutrients.

A greenhouse is often a glass structure that is utilized for the purpose of cultivating plants in environments that are subject to climate control. It is referred to as a greenhouse due to the fact that the heat that enters the glasshouse is prevented from escaping due to the presence of the glass, which in turn keeps the temperature consistent within the glasshouse.

The use of such structures in areas with lower average temperatures allows for the cultivation of plants in an environment that can be controlled. In order to ensure that the temperature, humidity, and light levels in the greenhouse are kept at the ideal levels for plant growth, the greenhouses can be equipped with appropriate controllers.

Updated on: 09-Jan-2023


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