Do you think it is fine to waive off farmers’ loans by the government of India?

The moment I opened today’s newspaper, the first news that I came across was really sort of disturbing for me. The news was this, “The Government of Rajasthan is to waive off the loan of 29 Lakh farmers.” Now, many of you might bash me for titling this news as “DISTURBING” and call me an anti-farmer, anti-national, favorer of opposition, a snag for the welfare of this deprived and poor community. But my dear friends, you have all the rights to adorn me with the aforementioned appellations, but I request you to first go through the followings at least and then take the call.

According to the Times of India,

“Income tax is a part of the state’s share from central taxes. From Rs 7,463 crore in 2016-17, the estimate has been raised to Rs 9,578 crore for the next financial year. Compared to 2015-16, this is a huge increase of Rs 3,505 crore and the same stood at Rs 2,115 crore over the previous year.”

This insight clearly shows that the Rajasthan government is earning a huge sum every year by oppressing the middle-class who is actually the major taxpayers in the country. This means that the state government is putting rest of the masses to perish just to favor another class. By the way, let me inform you that the loan of 29 lakh farmer is about ₹ 5, 077 crores.

Besides, this middle-class has been waiting for big announcements in the state as well as central government’s budget since 2014, but even after four years of the stint, no major relief has been offered to this huge section of the country. Not even the Income Tax Rebate, which has still been stagnant at 2.5 Lakh/yr for a long time.

TOI further inscribes,

"The state government approved a proposal to give bank guarantee to take a loan of Rs. 5,000 crore from NCDC for working capital at 8.5 percent interest rate for 270 days for crop loan waiver scheme of the state government."

My intention here is not to go against the welfare of the peasants of the country who have been the backbone of the economy of India since ages. Their agony, which is caused by various factors including unpredictable weather conditions, droughts, MSP, our economic and political policies, etc. is absolutely hard to understand. I also wish for their development and expect that the policies made by the government for their reform should reach them.

The reason behind going to such length is just to throw some light on the intention of the current government. Moreover, my target is not only the BJP government but every government, which plays such cards to get votes and win elections. We all know that assembly elections are at the corner in Rajasthan and the existing government knows pretty well that a big chunk of their vote bank lies in villages as farmers and if they can win their favor by showering treasures over them, half of the battle is won. Here, the loan waiver card can prove to be an ace for the Raje government.

Why Is the Intent of Raje Government Under the Dark Clouds of Suspension?

  • The government has hardly shown any sympathy for the farmers in the past 4 years. The issues like Minimum Support Price (MSP), land acquisition, subsidizing agriculture equipment, water, electricity, etc. make their lives miserable and they need to be sorted out at the first hand.

  • During the stint of four years, no major effort has been made by the government to educate them so that they can scientifically understand agriculture and mold their farming strategies for various purposes as well as requirements.

  • Education. I always wonder why are governments hardly bothered about raising the educational level in the rural areas, try to improve the infrastructure in such regions, and spread awareness. The budget for education is being reduced every year. Their reluctance is perhaps due to this,

“Education ignites knowledge and spurs an individual to question.”

  • Has the government analyzed the number of farmers who had taken the loan for the only crop and not for any personal use like purchasing a BOLERO, daughter’s marriage, giving dowry, building a villa amid the fields, fighting the Sarpanch/MLA election, etc?

  • The Raje government would be agreeing that there is a section among farmers which is highly resourceful and need no loan waiver, still, they will be the first to fall in the line to grab it.

  • Why exploring new horizons for employment is out of the focus of the government. They rather concentrate on being the false ‘SAVIOUR’ for them.

At the concluding note, I would like to reiterate that I have no grudges with the government’s action to waive such a whopping sum, but just concerned why such step is taken when the assembly election is approaching. Why substantial efforts are not made for the upliftment of the deprived rather than distributing the taxpayers hard earned money. As a waiver, why didn’t you give away the donation (that too in crores) that you get from various corporates and institutions as unspecified amounts? The Indian farmer is not a beggar; he is hardworking and wants his blood and sweat to be paid off. So, pass a bill that can fetch them the needed MSP. With all due respect, I want to draw your attention towards this,

“If you ate today, thank a farmer.”

Updated on: 30-Jul-2019


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