Explain why there is no waste in a forest.

When the plants and animals die in the forest, the microorganisms present in the soil helps to convert these waste remains into hummus or nutrients for the soil which in turn used by plants. Therefore, the forest doesn't contain any waste materials.

[Extra information: Decomposers are the organisms that feed on the dead bodies of plants and animals. They convert complex organic molecules present in dead and decay matter into simple inorganic molecules and allow them to mix with the soil. Thus, they help to recycle nutrients. They clean the forest decaying dead bodies and replenish the nutrients back to the forest soil.

Some decomposers are bacteria, fungi, beetles and grubs.

Decomposers play an important role in clearing the debris of dead remains of plants and animals and converting them into humus which enriches the nutrients of the soil.



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Updated on: 10-Oct-2022


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