Why is there no goto in Python?

Yes, there is no goto statement in Python. Let us first understand what is a goto in C Language. However, the usage of goto is also discouraged in C.

The goto statement in C programming provides an unconditional jump from the 'goto' to a labelled statement in the same function. Following is the syntax −

goto label;
label: statement;


Let us now see a C program for goto −

#include <stdio.h> int main () { int a = 10; LOOP:do { if( a == 15) { /* skip the iteration */ a = a + 1; goto LOOP; } printf("a = %d\n", a); a++; }while( a < 20 ); return 0; }


a = 10
a = 11
a = 12
a = 13
a = 14
a = 16
a = 17
a = 18
a = 19

NOTE − The use of goto statement is highly discouraged in C language as well.

No GoTo in Python

In Python, there’s no need of goto since we can accomplish the same with if statements and or, and, and if-else expressions & loop with while and for statements, containing continue and break.

User-defined Exceptions

Use user-defined exceptions as an alternative −

class goto1(Exception): pass class goto2(Exception): pass class goto3(Exception): pass def loop(): print('start') num = input() try: if num<=0: raise goto1 elif num<=2: raise goto2 elif num<=4: raise goto3 elif num<=6: raise goto1 else: print('end') return 0 except goto1 as e: print('goto1') loop() except goto2 as e: print('goto2') loop() except goto3 as e: print('goto3') loop()

Nested Methods


Use nested methods as another alternative −

def demo(): print("In the demo() function") def inline(): print("In") inline() demo()


In the demo() function

The goto-statement module

It is a function decorator to use goto in Python. Tested on Python 2.6 through 3.6 and PyPy. Install it using the pip −

Note: Works till Python 3.6

pip install goto-statement

Let us see an example 

# Python 3.6 from goto import with_goto @with_goto def range(start, stop): i = start result = [] label .begin if i == stop: goto .end result.append(i) i += 1 goto .begin label .end return result

Updated on: 20-Sep-2022

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