Explain how can you take care of your eyes.

We can take care of our eyes by following the steps given below:-

1. Wash your eyes with clean cold water regularly.

2. Avoid reading or doing any work in the too bright or too dim light. Too bright light can injure the retina, and dim light can cause eye strain and headaches. 

3. Do not read in a moving vehicle.

4. Never rub your eyes, if there is irritation or something goes inside the eye such as dust particles, then splash your eye with cold water.

5. Avoid reading the book too close or too far from the eye as it causes strain.

6. Have a regular checkup with the eye specialist. If advised, use spectacles of proper power after an eye test

7. Good nutrition is very important for both your general and eye health. Good nutrition keeps the eye in good condition.

8. Wear sunglasses or protective eyewear, before getting out in the scorching sun, and the dusty area.

9. Get a proper diet. Eat food items rich in vitamin A like spinach, broccoli, carrots, and eggs.

10. While doing computer work and other tasks, take regular breaks to ease your eyes.


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