How can you make your kid help in your household?

Doing household chores is not a joyful pass time for even an adult. And you want to train your kid to help you ... It really needs tact and patience to keep the kid engaged. Still, kids learn some valuable lessons in life and it is worth taking out that time to instill the sense of responsibility and teach them basic life skills. These small lessons, they will take with them throughout their lives.

Now, the big question .. how to make your kid help in your household chores. Let us learn some tips to make it an interesting play time.

  • Give them little titles like mummy's little helper, Dad's big help or granny's great help to encourage them to help you. Calling them with these titles and telling them that you appreciate their help while reinforcing in them that they are being good and doing a good job, will encourage them and they will continue that to get your appreciation.

  • Give them chores according to their age and it will be fun for the siblings to work together and help in cleaning up the house. The elder ones can vacuum the house, while the younger ones can pick up the toys from the floor and organize them in the baskets.

  • We have to make it a routine, to make them feel that responsibility. It can be everyday morning giving water to the plants or weekly once cleaning the car, but make it a regular habit. This will give them a sense of achievement and regularity in working.

  • Always remember to ask for their help and praise them when they do it. Don't expect them to remember and follow their routine. You can remind them in subtle ways and appreciate when the job is done...