Distinguish between magnetic and non-magnetic substances.

The difference between Magnetic and Non-magnetic substances are as follow:-

Magnetic Substances  Non-magnetic Substances 

1. Magnetic materials are materials that a magnet will attract to itself when placed near a magnet (or when placed in its field).

For example- iron, cobalt and nickel.

1. Non-magnetic materials that will not experience any magnetic force when placed near a magnet, in other words, it will not be attracted to the magnet.

For example- plastics, rubber, wood and other materials.

2. The magnetic state of magnetic materials are aligned either parallel or antiparallel arrangements hence they can respond to a magnetic field when they are under the influence of an external magnetic field.

2. The magnetic state of non-magnetic materials are arranged in a random manner in such a way that the magnetic movements of these domains are cancelled out. Hence, they do not respond to a magnetic field.

3. Magnetic materials are used to make permanent magnets, as it can be magnetised by a magnet.

3. Non-magnetic materials can never be magnetised by a magnet therefore, it can never become a magnetised material.


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