Difference between Magnetic Disk and Optical Disk

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Magnetic Disk

Magnetic Disk is a storage device and uses magnetization process for data processing like read/write/access operations. A magnetic disk have circular platters coated with magnetic material. Data is stored in form of tracks, spots and sectors. Examples of Magnetic disks are hard disk, floppy disks, magnetic tapes etc.

Optical Disk

Optical Disk is again a storage device and use optical storage technology for data processing like read/write/access operations. An optical disk stores data using laser light and is read using the same. Laser light reads data on a spinning disk.

Following are the important difference between Magnetic Disk and Optical Disk.

Sr. No.KeyMagnetic DiskOptical Disk
1Media TypeMultiple Fixed TypeSingle Removable Disk
2Signal To Noise RatioIntermediate S/N ratioExcellent S/N ratio
3Sampling RateLowHigh
4UsageUsed where random access is needed.Used where a regular data streaming is needed.
5Track StructureCircularSpiral
6Data AccessRandom Access.Sequential Access.
7ExamplesHard Disk, Floppy Disk, Magnetic Tape.CD, DVD, Blu-ray.
8ReuseHighly reusable and used for random read/write operations.Most of the optical disks are read-only once written.
9CostCostly per MBCheaper per MB
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