Describe the dot structure of Aluminium Chloride with the help of a diagram.

In Aluminium Chloride (AlCl3), there does not occur a complete transfer of an electron between the metal and the non-metal. Instead, there occurs a mutual sharing of electron between them. Here, the 3 electrons in the valence shell of Al are shared among each of the 3 Cl atoms so that it can attain stable electronic configuration of 8 electrons in the valence shell.

This is due to the fact that Al3+ is a small, highly charged cation and therefore has a high charge density. Cl- is a relatively large anion, with a low charge density and is easily polarized by the hard cation, giving the bond significant covalent character.

Similarly, each of the Cl atoms gets 1 electron of Al to attain their stable electronic configuration of 8 electrons. And this is the property of a Covalent Compound.

Hence, AlCl3 is a covalent compound.


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Updated on: 10-Oct-2022


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