Describe the process of nutrition in Amoeba with the help of diagram.

The process of nutrition in Amoeba is called Holozoic nutrition and the process of taking in food is known as phagocytosis. 
This takes place in the following steps:
1. Ingestion: Intake of food into the body is known as Ingestion. Amoeba is unicellular and hence it does not have a mouth, it takes the food into the body by forming structures called pseudopodia around the food particle. This pseudopodia form a vacuole around the food particle called food vacuole and the vacuole is taken inside the cell.
2. Digestion: The food particle inside the vacuole is broken down into its soluble particles by the digestive enzymes present inside the vacuoles. 
3. Absorption: The broken food particles are absorbed into the cytoplasm of the Amoeba by the process of diffusion. The food particles which are unabsorbed are left inside the vacuole.
4. Assimilation: The absorbed food is converted into energy.
5. Egestion: The undigested food in the food vacuole is removed from the cell. 


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Updated on: 29-Mar-2023


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