Describe with the help of a diagram an instrument which can be used to detect a charged body.

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An electroscope is an instrument that is used to detect a charged body. It tests whether the body is charged or not.

  • An electroscope consists of two leaves of aluminum foil connected to each other.
  • These two leaves are connected to a metallic rod and this metallic rod.
  • This metallic rod is connected to a metallic disc.

A labeled diagram for an electroscope is shown below:

Detection of charge with the help of an electroscope:

We can check a body whether is charged or not by striking it on the metallic disc of the electroscope. Let us see how a charged body is detected by an electroscope-

If the body is charged:

When a charged body strikes the metallic disc, this charge is conducted to the metallic rod and aluminum leaves, so they repel each other. So, if the leaves get moved away from each other by striking the body, then the body is charged.

If the body is not charged

If the leaves of aluminum foil come closer to each other then the body is not charged.

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