A taxidriver filled his car's petrol tank with 40 liters of petrol on Monday. The next day filled the tank with 50 liters of petrol. If the petrol costs ₹ 44 per liter, how much he spends in all on petrol?

Given :

The volume of petrol filled on Monday $= 40 L$

The volume of petrol filled on Tuesday $= 50 L$

To do :

We have to find the money spend on petrol.

Solution :

Total volume of petrol filled $= (40+50) L = 90L$

Cost of petrol per litre $= Rs. 44$

Money spent on petrol $=$ volume of petrol $\times$ cost of petrol $= Rs. 90 \times 44 = Rs. 3960$.

Therefore, the money spent on petrol is ₹3960.


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Updated on: 10-Oct-2022


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