OrientDB - Restore Database


As like RDBMS, OrientDB also supports restoring operation. Only from the console mode, you can execute this operation successfully.

The following statement is the basic syntax for restoring operation.

orientdb> RESTORE DATABSE <url of the backup zip file>


You have to perform this operation only from the console mode. Therefore, first you have to start the OrientDB console using the following OrientDB command.

$ orientdb

Then, connect to the respective database to restore the backup. You can use the following command to connect to the database named demo.

orientdb> CONNECT PLOCAL:/opt/orientdb/databases/demo admin admin

After successful connection, you can use the following command to restore the backup from ‘backup-demo.zip’ file. Before executing, make sure the backup-demo.zip file is placed in the current directory.

Orientdb {db = demo}> RESTORE DATABASE backup-demo.zip

If this command is executed successfully, you will get some success notifications along with the following message.

Database restored in 0.26 seconds