OrientDB - Create Property


Property in OrientDB works like a field of class and column in the database table. Create Property is a command used to create a property for a particular class. The class name that you used in the command must exist.

The following statement is the basic syntax of Create Property command.

CREATE PROPERTY <class-name>.<property-name> <property-type> [<linked-type>][ <linked-class>]

Following are the details about the options in the above syntax.

<class-name> − Defines the class you want to create the property in.

<property-name> − Defines the logical name of the property.

<property-type> − Defines the type of property you want to create.

<linked-type> − Defines the container type, used in container property type.

<linked-class> − Defines the container class, used in container property type.

The following table provides the data type for property so that OrientDB knows the type of data to store.


In addition to these there are several other property types that work as containers.



Try the following example to create a property name on the class Employee, of the String type.

orientdb> CREATE PROPERTY Employee.name STRING

If the above query is executed successfully, you will get the following output.

Property created successfully with id = 1