OrientDB - Python Interface


OrientDB driver for Python uses the binary protocol. PyOrient is the git hub project name which helps to connect OrientDB with Python. It works with OrientDB version 1.7 and later.

The following command is used to install PyOrient.

pip install pyorient

You can use the script file named demo.py to do the following tasks −

  • Create a client instance means create a connection.

  • Create DB named DB_Demo.

  • Open DB named DB_Demo.

  • Create class my_class.

  • Create properties id, and name.

  • Insert record into my class.

//create connection 
client = pyorient.OrientDB("localhost", 2424) 
session_id = client.connect( "admin", "admin" )
//create a databse 
client.db_create( db_name, pyorient.DB_TYPE_GRAPH, pyorient.STORAGE_TYPE_MEMORY ) 

//open databse 
client.db_open( DB_Demo, "admin", "admin" ) 

//create class 
cluster_id = client.command( "create class my_class extends V" ) 

//create property 
cluster_id = client.command( "create property my_class.id Integer" ) 
cluster_id = client.command( "create property my_class.name String" ) 

//insert record 
client.command("insert into my_class ( 'id','’name' ) values( 1201, 'satish')") 

Execute the above script using the following command.

$ python demo.py