OrientDB - Create Database


The SQL Reference of the OrientDB database provides several commands to create, alter, and drop databases.

The following statement is a basic syntax of Create Database command.

CREATE DATABASE <database-url> [<user> <password> <storage-type> [<db-type>]]

Following are the details about the options in the above syntax.

<database-url> − Defines the URL of the database. URL contains two parts, one is <mode> and the second one is <path>.

<mode> − Defines the mode, i.e. local mode or remote mode.

<path> − Defines the path to the database.

<user> − Defines the user you want to connect to the database.

<password> − Defines the password for connecting to the database.

<storage-type> − Defines the storage types. You can choose between PLOCAL and MEMORY.


You can use the following command to create a local database named demo.

Orientdb> CREATE DATABASE PLOCAL:/opt/orientdb/databses/demo

If the database is successfully created, you will get the following output.

Database created successfully. 
Current database is: plocal: /opt/orientdb/databases/demo

orientdb {db = demo}>