OrientDB - Optimize Database


As per technical terminology Optimization means "Achieve the better possible performance in the quickest amount of time." With reference to database, optimization involves maximizing the speed and efficiency with which data is retrieved.

OrientDB supports lightweight edges, which means a direct relation between the data entities. In simple terms, it is a field-to-field relation. OrientDB provides different ways to optimize the database. It supports the conversion of regular edges to lightweight edges.

The following statement is the basic syntax of the Optimize database command.

OPTMIZE DATABASE [-lwedges] [-noverbose] 

Where lwedges converts regular edges into lightweight edges and noverbose disables the output.


In this example, we will use the same database named ‘demo’ that we created in the previous chapter. You can use the following optimize database command.


If it is successfully executed, you will get some successful notifications along with the completion message.

Database Optimization completed in 35ms