OrientDB - Connect Database


This chapter explains how to connect to a particular database from the OrientDB command line. It opens a database.

The following statement is the basic syntax of the Connect command.

CONNECT <database-url> <user> <password>

Following are the details about the options in the above syntax.

<database-url> − Defines the URL of the database. URL contains two parts one is <mode> and the second one is <path>.

<mode> − Defines the mode, i.e. local mode or remote mode.

<path> − Defines the path to the database.

<user> − Defines the user you want to connect to the database.

<password> − Defines the password for connecting to the database.


We have already created a database named ‘demo’ in the previous chapters. In this example, we will connect to that using the user admin.

You can use the following command to connect to demo database.

orientdb> CONNECT PLOCAL:/opt/orientdb/databases/demo admin admin

If it is successfully connected, you will get the following output −

Connecting to database [plocal:/opt/orientdb/databases/demo] with user 'admin'…OK 
Orientdb {db = demo}>