OrientDB - Reload Record


Reload Record also works similar to Load Record command and is also used to load a particular record from the schema. Load record will load the record with the help of Record ID. It is represented with @rid symbol in the result-set. The main difference is Reload record ignores the cache which is useful when external concurrent transactions is applied to change the record. It will give the latest update.

The following statement is the basic syntax of the RELOAD Record command.

RELOAD RECORD <record-id>

Where <record-id> defines the record id of the record you want to reload.

If you don’t know the Record ID of a particular record, then you can execute any query against the table. In the result-set you will find the Record ID (@rid) of the respective record.


Let us consider the same Customer table that we have used in the previous chapter.


Try the following query to retrieve the record having Record ID @rid: #11:0.

orientdb {db = demo}> LOAD RECORD #11:0 

If the above query is executed successfully, you will get the following output.

| Document - @class: Customer        @rid: #11:0           @version: 1      | 
|                     Name | Value                                          | 
|                       id | 1                                              | 
|                     name | satish                                         | 
|                      age | 25                                             |