Next.js - Overview

The Next.js is React Based framework with server side rendering capability. It is very fast and SEO friendly.

Using Next.js, you can create robust react based application quite easily and test them. Following are the key features of Next.js.

  • Hot Code Reload − Next.js server detects modified files and reloads them automatically.

  • Automatic Routing − No need to configure any url for routing. files are to be placed in pages folder. All urls will be mapped to file system. Customization can be done.

  • Component specific styles − styled-jsx provides support for global as well as component specific styles.

  • Server side rendering − react components are prerendered on server hence loads faster on client.

  • Node Ecosystem − Next.js being react based gels well with Node ecosystem.

  • Automatic code split − Next.js renders pages with libraries they need. Next.js instead of creating a single large javascript file, creates multiples resources. When a page is loaded, only required javascript page is loaded with it.

  • Prefetch − Next.js provides Link component which is used to link multiple components supports a prefetch property to prefetch page resources in background.

  • Dynamic Components − Next.js allows to import JavaScript modules and React Components dynamically.

  • Export Static Site − Next.js allows to export full static site from your web application.

  • Built-in Typescript Support − Next.js is written in Typescripts and provides excellent Typescript support.