How long does our past affect our habits and beliefs?

The habits and beliefs developed in our childhood form our personality. They are hard to change but not impossible to modify and alter. Because of the experiences, one has in life, one develops certain beliefs. The things and deeds we did in past will give us fruit in present and future. Some events in our past can make us act and behave a certain way towards others.

Not Letting Past have Adverse Effects

  • Identifying problem-causing habits and beliefs is important in the first place.

  • Then, one can make short-term promises to oneself. The habit of smoking, which one has had from the past, may be very difficult to get rid of. But one can make a short term promise of not smoking for 3 days, say, in the beginning, and increases the duration.

  • One can also inform one’s close relative or close friend who will work as an investigator to check upon the changed habits if any, and the progress one has made in order to amend the old habits.


No matter how painful or wonderful those past memories can be, we must not be affected. Our standards and expectations are based on similar events that occurred in our past, which is not worth appreciating.

Updated on: 30-Jul-2019


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