What will be the effect on Animals if the number of plants on our planet is reduced?

Deforestation is the destruction of existing trees and forests for agriculture, human habitation or residence, urbanization, mining, and industrial purposes. 

Deforestation has a devastating effect on the environment and leads to a whole group of wide-ranging problems for humans.

The consequences (results) of deforestation are:

1.Climate change, 

2.Soil erosion,



5.Loss of Biodiversity,

6.Food Insecurity,

7.Increment in greenhouse gases in the atmosphere,

8.The conflict between Human and Wildlife occurs frequently,

9.Loss & Extinction of Species,

10.Changes in weather patterns, and even the climate

The next generation wouldn't have a clean-healthy environment and food. They wouldn't be able to see a lot of beautiful flora and fauna, because of deforestation. 


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Updated on: 10-Oct-2022


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