Mega ios updated with new photosync and passcode lock features


There are many cloud storage providers in the market, but there is only one provider who has aimed to provide cloud storage app with improved privacy and security options – MEGA. Kim Dotcom’s cloud storage service Mega version 1.1, the official iOS app, has just got its first update with two new features – PhotoSync and passcode lock.


If user wish to store their images, videos and other data in the cloud there is now no shortage of providers to select from. The major apps Dropbox, Google Drive, Box or Microsoft’s Skydrive basically give much related services, but lesser-known alternatives are available, too.

PhotoSync works as like its name, PhotoSync facilitates users to sync their photos very easily using their Mega account. Mega is slowly-slowly taking the shape of an alternative SkyDrive and Dropbox. PhotoSync automatically uploads camera roll to Mega. PhotoSync has become a best option for automatic photo backup similar to that of Google+ and Dropbox. With PhotoSync, the photos user take with iPhone will be automatically backed up to MEGA.

Mega’s PhotoSync feature provides added options for cellular or Wi-Fi uploading process and also provides some more additional options for uploading photos in the background at the time of important changes in the location – seemingly useful if someone travels a lot. And to ensure it doesn’t mess up user phone bill, user can choose whether or not their iDevice should upload over cellular data.

There are two methods of app to upload things in the background. One is a hack connecting location change, so that when use transfer an upload is triggered without initiating the app itself. This is applicable in iOS 6 as well as iOS 7. The second suitable method is iOS 7 – in this method only OS decides when to make periodical uploads, depends on a few factors (how often user use the app, whether other apps want to do the same thing).

Passcode Lock

Passcode lock provides a new layer of security to the app by entering four-digit passcode every time the app gets launched. This major function protects important files even if the iPhone goes into the wrong hands. If for any reason, the wrong password is entered over 10 times then there is also an option to erase all data and logout.


For past so many years, users have been a big fan of Mega, just because of the availability of its secure cloud storage services and gives 50GB of free storage.

Some iPhone lovers were not using this app because it was not supporting iPhone, but after this update, they love to use this app.

If anyone wants to use this interesting app, get free Mega client (for iPhone only) from the App Store. To avail this functionalities user needs to sign up for an account, and package options range from a 50GB/free plan to a 4TB plan.

Updated on 13-Jan-2020 10:11:51