The complete list of new features in MySQL 8.0

The new features in MySQL 8.0 have been briefly listed below −

Transactional Data Dictionary

A transactional data dictionary to store information about object.

Atomic Data Definition Language

An atomic data definition language (DDL) statement to combine updates made to data dictionary, storage engine operations and so on.

Security Enhanced

The security levels have been improved, and DBA (Database administrator) has been given greater flexibility for account management.


The encryption defaults have been defined and implemented globally for table encryption. The ‘default_table_encryption’ variable is used to define an encryption default for schemas that have been newly created. The default encryption for a schema can be defined with the help of a ‘DEFAULT ENCRYPTION’ clause when a schema is being created.

InnoDB engine

Changes made to the InnoDB engine- The current maximum auto-increment counter’s value is written into the ‘redo log’ every time the value changes.

JSON Enhancements

JSON enhancements have been made to MySQL’s JSON functionality, where the ‘->>’, which is the inline path operator, has been added.

InnoDB support

In the new version, InnoDB supports parallel clustered index reads, which greatly improves the CHECK TABLE performance. This feature doesn’t apply to secondary index scans.

In the newest version, when the innodb_dedicated_server variable is enabled, the size and number of log files are configured based on the automatically configured buffer pool size. Before this, log file size was configured according to the amount of memory that could be detected on the server, and the number of log files was not configured automatically.

Updated on: 10-Mar-2021


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