Kibana - Working With Canvas

Canvas is yet another powerful feature in Kibana. Using canvas visualization, you can represent your data in different color combination, shapes, text, multipage setup etc.

We need data to show in the canvas. Now, let us load some sample data already available in Kibana.

Loading Sample Data for Canvas Creation

To get the sample data go to Kibana home page and click on Add sample data as shown below −

Kibana home page

Click on Load a data set and a Kibana dashboard. It will take you to the screen as shown below −

Kibana dashboard

Click on Add button for Sample eCommerce orders. It will take some time to load the sample data. Once done you will get an alert message showing “ Sample eCommerce data loaded.”

Getting Started with Canvas Visualization

Now go to Canvas Visualization as shown below −

Canvas Visualization

Click on Canvas and it will display screen as shown below −

Canvas Workpads

We have eCommerce and Web Traffic sample data added. We can create new workpad or use the existing one.

Here, we will select the existing one. Select eCommerce Revenue Tracking Workpad Name and it will display the screen as shown below −

ECommerce Revenue Tracking Workpad

Cloning an Existing Workpad in Canvas

We will clone the workpad so that we can make changes to it. To clone an existing workpad, click on the name of the workpad shown at the bottom left −

Cloning Existing Workpad Canvas

Click on the name and select clone option as shown below −

Select Clone Option

Click on the clone button and it will create a copy of the eCommerce Revenue Tracking workpad. You can find it as shown below −

Cloning Existing Workpad Canvas

In this section, let us understand how to use the workpad. If you see above workpad, there are 2 pages for it. So in canvas we can represent the data in multiple pages.

The page 2 display is as shown below −

canvas multiple pages

Select Page 1 and click on the Total sales displayed on left side as shown below −

Cloning Existing Workpad Canvas

On the right side, you will get the data related to it −

Cloning Related Data

Right now the default style used is green colour. We can change the colour here and check the display of same.

change colour

We have also changed the font and size for text settings as shown below −

change font size

Adding New Page to Workpad Inside Canvas

To add new page to the workpad, do as shown below −

Workpad Inside Canvas

Once the page is created as shown below −

Workpad page created

Click on Add element and it will display all possible visualization as shown below −

display possible visualization

We have added two elements Data table and Area Chart as shown below

Data table Area Chart

You can add more data elements to the same page or add more pages too.

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