Kibana - Dev Tools

We can use Dev Tools to upload data in Elasticsearch, without using Logstash. We can post, put, delete, search the data we want in Kibana using Dev Tools.

To create new index in Kibana we can use following command in dev tools −

Create Index USING PUT

The command to create index is as shown here −

PUT /usersdata?pretty

Once you execute this, an empty index userdata is created.

Create Index Using PUT

We are done with the index creation. Now will add the data in the index −

Add Data to Index Using PUT

You can add data to an index as follows −

Add Data Using PUT

Add Data Using index

We will add one more record in usersdata index −

Usersdata index

So we have 2 records in usersdata index.

Fetch Data from Index Using GET

We can get the details of record 1 as follows −

Index Using GET

You can get all records as follows −

get all records

Thus, we can get all the records from usersdata as shown above.

Update data in Index using PUT

To update the record, you can do as follows −

Update Index using PUT

We have changed the name from “Ervin Howell” to “Clementine Bauch”. Now we can get all records from the index and see the updated record as follows −

Update record

Delete data from index using DELETE

You can delete the record as shown here −

index using DELETE

Now if you see the total records we will have only one record −

We can delete the index created as follows −

index using DELETE

delete index created

Now if you check the indices available we will not have usersdata index in it as deleted the index.

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