jQuery Mobile - Widgets

A widget is a small gadget or control of your jQuery mobile application. Widgets can be very handy as they allow you to put your favorite applications on your home screen in order to quickly access them.

Following table demonstrates the types of Widgets in detail.

Sr.No. Type & Description
1 Buttons

It specifies clickable button that includes content like text or images.

2 Checkbox

Checkboxes are used when more than one option is required to be selected.

3 Radiobox

Radio buttons are used when out of many options, just one option is required to be selected.

4 Datepicker

It is focused on the input to open an interactive calendar in a small overlay.

5 Collapsible

Collapsible allows you to expand or collapse the content whenever clicked on it. It is very helpful for mobile device, which presents a brief content.

6 Controlgroup

Controlgroups provide a set of buttons to specify a single block that looks like a navigation component.

7 Filterable

By using the data-filter = "true" attribute, you can filter the children of any element.

8 Flipswitch

Flip Switch allows you to turn off/on or true/false the switch by clicking on it for boolean style input.

9 Listview

The purpose of listview component is to render complex and customized content in lists.

10 Loader

The jQuery Mobile provides different ways of loading states to an element.

11 Navbar

The navbar widget is a set of buttons which links you to other web pages or sections.

12 Panels

Panels are used to display the DOM components in the box.

13 Popups

Popup is a user interface that appears within a small window to display text, images, and other content.

14 Rangeslider

Rangeslider widget provides you with a pair of handles allowing you to select a numeric value range.

15 Selectmenu

A select menu provides various options in the form of dropdown list, from where a user can select one or more options.

16 Slider

Slider allows you to choose a value by sliding the handle of the slider.

17 Table

jQuery Mobile uses the table to represent the data in terms of rows and columns, i.e. displays the data in a tabular format.

18 Tabs

The tabs widget is jQuery ui tabs widget's extension, which accepts all the methods and options.

19 Textinput

The <input> tag is used to declare an input element, a control that allows the user to input data.

20 Toolbar

The jQuery mobile toolbar widget allows you to create headers and footers.