jQuery Mobile - Events

jQuery Mobile allows to create dynamic web pages. By using events, you can set up event-driven process on the elements, which are triggered by the user's interaction such as mouse click, mouse hover on an element, key press on the keyboard, etc.

Following table lists some of the events for the mobile devices, which are supported by jQuery Mobile.

Sr.No. Event & Description
1 jQuery Mobile Events

It responds to user interaction when the user clicks on a certain page or hovers the mouse over an element, etc.

2 jQuery Touch Events

It provides touch events when the user touches the screen.

3 jQuery Scroll Events

It fires the scroll events when the user scrolls up and down.

4 jQuery Orientation Event

It triggers the orientation event when the user rotates the device vertically or horizontally.

5 jQuery Page Events

It provides the page events when the user hides, creates, loads, or unloads the pages.

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