jQuery Mobile - Table Widget

jQuery Mobile uses a table to represent the data in terms of rows and columns, i.e. displays the data in tabular format.

Following table lists some of the table types, which are supported by the jQuery Mobile. −

Sr.No. Type & Description
1 Table Column Toggle

The column toggle puts the columns in a hiding place and allows the user to select columns as per their choice.

2 Column Toggle Heading Groups

Displays the content according to the heading group name.

3 Column Toggle Customization Options

Specifies the custom options for column toggle table.

4 Table Reflow

Represents the data in a horizontal format by collapsing the table into stacked representation and groups the rows into a vertical format.

5 Table Reflow Heading Groups

Displays the column headings as sub headings between the data sets and represents the data in terms of value pairs.

6 Table Reflow Stripes and Strokes

Displays the data sets in stripes and strokes format.

7 Table Reflow Custom Styles

Specifies the custom styles for the reflow table.

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