jQuery Mobile - Controlgroup Widget

Controlgroups provide a set of buttons to specify a single block that looks like a navigation component.

Following table lists some of the controlgroups, supported by the jQuery Mobile.

Sr.No. Type & Description
1 Controlgroup Vertical

You can display the controlgroup in vertical type.

2 Controlgroup Horizontal

You can display the controlgroup in horizontal type.

3 Mini sized Controlgroup

You can display the controlgroup in small size.

4 Controlgroup Radio button

Display the radio button in the controlgroup.

5 Controlgroup Checkbox

Display the checkbox in the controlgroup.

6 Controlgroup Selects

Create the dropdown list in the controlgroup.

7 Controlgroup Textinputs

You can specify the text inputs that allow the users to input data.

8 Controlgroup Pre-rendered Markup

You can use this for saving the startup time in the controlgroup.

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