jQuery Mobile - Themes

It sets different types of theme on the buttons, navbars, blocks, links and so on. You can set the theme using data-theme attribute.

Following table describes the use of the theme functionality in different areas which is supported by jQuery Mobile.

Sr.No. Functionality & Description
1 Themes

It provides two different types of themes such as theme "a" and theme "b" to customize the look of the application.

2 Theming Header and Footer in Dialogs

Sets the theme for header and footer in the dialog box.

3 Theming Buttons, Icons and Popups

Specifies the theme for buttons, icons and popups.

4 Theming Buttons in Header and Footer

Displays the theme for buttons in the header and footer.

5 Theming Navigation Bars

Applies the theme for navigation bars in header or footer.

6 Theming Panels

You can apply the theme for panel.

7 Theming Collapsible Button and Split Buttons

Displays the theme for collapsible and split buttons.

8 Theming Lists and Collapsible Lists

Displays the theme for lists and collapsible lists.

9 Collapsible Forms

You can apply the theme for forms.