jQuery Mobile - Panels Widget

Panels are used to display the DOM components in the box using the datarole = "panel" attribute.

Following table lists some of the panels types which are supported by the jQuery Mobile −

Sr.No. Type & Description
1 Panels

Basic panel which moves from the left or the right side of the screen to display the content.

2 Closing Panels

You can close the panel using Esc key or by clicking outside the panel.

3 External Panels

External panels are used to display the content outside the page.

4 Positioning Panels

Specifies the position of panel in the page.

5 Panel Responsive

You can make the panel responsive and allows the panel menu and the page to be used together.

6 Panel Styling

You can use styles for the panels.

7 Open panel on swipe

You can open the panel with a swipe.

8 External and Internal Panel

Displays the internal and external panels.

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