jQuery Mobile - Listview Widget

The purpose of listview component is to render complex and customized content in lists.

Following table demonstrates the types of listview widget in detail.

Sr.No. Type & Description
1 Listview

The Listview is used to display a list of items.

2 Listview Autocomplete

The Filterable widget is used to create autocomplete widget backed by local or remote data.

3 Listview Remote Autocomplete

filterablebeforefilter event is used for remote autocomplete data source.

4 Listview Autodivider Linkbar

Linkbar extension is included for the autodivider linkbar listview.

5 Listview Autodivider Selector

The autodividersSelector option helps to return a different string.

6 Nested Listviews

Include the nested listview extension to allow the nested response in jQuery mobile.

7 Listview Collapsible Item Flat

Collapsibles are the basic and easy widget to display short content.

8 Listview Collapsible Item Indented

In the tree structure of indented lists, the outermost class is identified by adding class ui-listview-outer.

9 Listview Responsive Grid

The style is adjusted by using the class ui-li-has-thumb, it makes the image size as same as of the tiles in the grid layout.

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